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I’ve never seen anyone get knocked down so many times and get right back up and try again…. his passion, drive, never give up attitude, commitment, and persistence on his quest for success are truly amazing and a wonder to behold.  -Ben Kane
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Here Is The Truth!

There is no silver bullet you can buy to build your business for you!

But here is why you should read Inevitable immediately if not sooner:

This book shares the power of personal stories of triumph, failure, and resilience!

This manuscript was originally 1000 pages of insights gathered over 20 years experience that has produced over $1B in sales edited down to the most important and readable 147 power packed pages!

This book is pragmatically written both in its lessons and layout and its highly personal writing style will grip you from page to page until you have tipped your own scales forever at the end of reading it!
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Eric Worre
Best selling Author 
and Founder of networkmarketingpro.com
Inevitable provides crucial insights into how you think!

Over the last 16 years, I have watched Josh grow and become a true professional and great example of how to harness the power of network marketing and entrepreneurship to achieve a phenomenal life change, not only for himself, but for countless others. This book will be an inspirational resource and light to your own journey towards the life you deserve! 
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Why You Should Get This Book

Josh Denne has taken 20 years of lessons learned from the edge of entrepreneurship; and making and losing and re-making millions of dollars and put them all into a framework for success that is easy to implement and understand. It's proven beyond any shadow of any doubt to work for anyone who chooses to apply it. 

Life and business are in a constant flux and often times the scales of balance can seem to be working against you even as you expend tremendous effort. It is time to tip those scales in your favor and this book will show you how. 

Success is a journey and never a destination. It can be elusive. It can be overwhelming and sometimes underwhelming. It can be fleeting and it can be long-lasting. The true measure of a human being is not necessarily what they accumulate, achieve, or accomplish but rather who they become and maintain being throughout the highs and lows of their journey.
Who Is Joshua Denne?
You Might Be Surprised, Life Wasn't Always A Dream For 
Joshua Until He Tipped The Scales Of INEVITABILITY
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About Joshua Denne's Book
Inevitable is a book I highly recommend for everyone looking to better themselves as a human being. 

Joshua Denne takes you on his personal journey of how he transformed his life by ―tipping the scales to the favored side on every single decision he made. I love that it is real, relatable, and personal. He shows you how every decision, big or small, can take you one step closer to success. He shows the power of consistency and that everything worth while takes time. I hope everyone takes the time to read this to see that success can happen for everyone … but it’s those who keep tipping that scales to the positive side (no matter how long it takes) are the ones who truly come out winners! 

Tracy Zimmer ~ Blue Diamond Seacret Direct Entrepreneur, Top Network Marketing Leader, Mentor
Inevitable is a must read!

A very transparent personal look into the success, adversity, and lessons learned by a true in-the-trenches entrepreneur, it’s packed with uniquely fresh methods in this genre that can be applied by anyone with a vision for their life and the tenacity to see it through! 

Chris J Snook ~ Bestselling Author of Digital Sense and Wealth Matters Makeover and Founder of www.LaunchHa.us
Joshua Denne is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. 

His positive attitude is infectious, challenging me to be more optimistic and look at life through a different lens   Inevitable is a valuable look into the life of this incredible man and the early foundation of the mindset that made him who he is today.   His direction on tipping the scales, coupled with an in depth explanation of what you will experience mentally, emotionally, and physically as you do is invaluable to anyone seeking to better any aspect of their life. He is an incredible husband, father, and brother in Christ who embodies the contents of this book. I look forward to spending many more years in the sphere of influence of this remarkable man.

Travis McNeese ~ Entrepreneur, business owner, and active Navy S.E.A.L.
As I was reading, I could see Josh jump right from the pages. 

There are so very few people who can do what he has done! I’ve never seen anyone get knocked down so many times and get right back up and try again…. his passion, drive, never give up attitude, commitment, and persistence on his quest for success are truly amazing and a wonder to behold.  Anyone who knows him knows this is just who he is!  In the pages of this book, he has shared his heart, told his story, and laid out the path he took—and one that others can follow—to achieve great success in life.  Josh never backed up! He just kept moving forward, and his success was inevitable. If you follow the philosophy clearly described in this book and apply the same work ethic, so will yours!  Success is a journey … a steady progression towards a worth while goal!

Ben Kane President ~ The ENVER Network
Joshua Denne changed our lives.

We were both broke, depressed, and had no idea how to get out of our current situation.  Josh and his wife, Cindy, helped develop and mentor us to seven figures per year! Josh and Cindy are truly servant driven leaders. Regardless of your chosen venture, they desire to help and their philosophy is clearly written in the pages of this book. Inevitable is a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur!

Amber Voight ~ Author and seven-figure income earner,   Unique
Joshua Denne is an extraordinary person who exudes positivity in all that he does.

You only meet a few truly good people in a lifetime and I've had the pleasure of finding that in Josh.  Not only is he extremely genuine, but his positive attitude and unrelenting perseverance is apparent in his work ethic.   He's experienced both the highs and lows in life and has channeled those experiences to identify with anyone he meets in creating meaningful relationships.  In any profession, commitment and vision are the foundation for success. As a physician, I went through years of traditional education to achieve what I have now.  Josh on the other hand, took the road less traveled and encountered many challenges along the way.   But despite our different backgrounds, we share the common value of if it is to be, it is up to you in pursuing success.  Josh's book Inevitable is an exemplary culmination of achieving that success.

Dr. Christopher Ho ~ MD Board Certified Dermatologist Clinical Professor at UCLA
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